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Welcome to TBro the Transcriptome Browser.

TBro is a tool to analyze transcriptomic data.

$ git clone --recursive

Getting Started

See the tutorial on Read the Docs.

Authors and Contributors

TBro was originally developed by Lenz Weber (@phryneas), Markus Ankenbrand (@iimog), Frank Föster (@greatfireball) and Felix Bemm (@fbemm).

Bug Report

Open an issue on GitHub: Issue


TBro Logo

The TBro Logo is released into the public domain and itself a remix of two openclipart images:

  1. Cartoon tyrannosaurus rex by StudioFibonacci
  2. Punching Fist by Sev
As all images on they are in the public domain and free to be reused with modifications for any purpose. Thanks to the staff of and the artists who originally designed the components. The remix was created by Markus Ankenbrand, the original artists are not associated with the TBro project in any way.